Trees might be low in maintenance however, they are not no-maintenance. Healthy trees do not just happen as well as young ones could oftentimes help us persons. In addition to that, tending to routine tree care may help in protecting the plants and also help them to grow well. 

Tree Care Guidelines 

Routine Tree Cleaning 

Like we usually do inside of our houses, we should make the most of our time to clean up the areas surrounding our trees. So, start your tree care with some tidying up. Get rid of the gathered debris from the trees which includes fallen fruit, leaves, and sticks. 

Once the debris of the trees is cleaned up, check the tree trunk for signs of pest activity or disease. It is very important to determine these issues as early as possible. A well-trained and professional arborist can help you with this as well as with tree service Memphis. 

Remove any decors such as holiday lights which might still be wrapped around the tree branches and trunk. Leaving foreign objects wrapped around your trees for a very long time increases the risk of hindering future growth. 


A great layer of mulch will definitely help to suppress weed growth and retain soil moisture as well. This is very useful especially for young trees aging ten years old. As a matter of fact, it may also aid trees absorb necessary nutrients in order to maintain beautiful and healthy. 

Remove competing weeds and grass. Pull mulch back from your tree trunk, mulch retains moisture and heat which could perhaps harm your tree by direct contact. Keep mulch at 3 to 4 inches thick. 

Tree Pruning 

The ideal time to do tree pruning is basically during winter months when the growth of the tree is halted or slowed down. Nonetheless, any time of the year is still a great time to do tree pruning to remove limbs or for structural integrity which can pose a hazard to property and person. Take the chance to remove and identify any sick, dead, or damaged branches. They must be easy to determine because of the lack of leaves or they can look brittle and dry. Check every tree limb for disease or damage. Examine the limbs which pose a threat to property or visibility. If you are not sure, contact a professional and highly-reputable arborist. 


It’s a very great idea to take some time to make modifications to your sprinkler if you are finding that water is already pooling near the trees. Young trees may need more water compared to their elder competitors however, continual water or sitting water spray onto the leaves and vegetation can contribute to root or trunk rot and growth of fungal diseases. 

  •  Young trees may need more water than the usual trees. 
  • Corrective soil drainage for the pooling of water. 
  • Adjust sprinkler system in order to avoid direct spraying. 

Whether you need maintenance, complete removal or even a simple tree pruning, you will need the help of professional arborists in order to make sure that the ones that take good care of your trees are all well-experienced and highly-skilled experts.